It’s time to get your garden ready for warm weather!¬†If you start now, when summer actually kicks in, all you’ll have to do is water and add compost for your plants, trees, and floral arrangements to thrive.

Add colour
Petunias, begonias, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and more; of course depending on where you live, will flourish in most summer gardens. You can’t get more colourful than that! If you’re not sure which flower is for you or can’t seem to get them to grow, ask a local professional for some guidance on choosing the right plants. Designing a floral bed can be tricky try¬†hiring a local gardener¬†if you get overwhelmed by which bulb goes where and when!

Choose floral arrangements and herbs that are strongly scented to turn your garden into a summer heaven. The best thing about growing herbs is that you can pick your own fresh ones when you want to spruce up a meal! Try herbs such as basil or thyme and flowers such as roses or jasmine/

Tidy up 
Yes, it’s no fun but cleaning up the area, pulling weeds, getting rid of dead grass, and adding compost and other fertilisers to the area, makes a big difference. Not only for growth, but also for the overall appearance of your garden, if you want it to be a showstopper you have to put a little extra elbow grease in. When things are clean and tidy, you’ll love and your plants will too.

Add some decorative rocks to create a bit of a zen area – think Japanese-style gardens. Or, use them for more modern arrangements and to mark flowerbeds. If you can, try installing water fountain or small pond – it may not be as difficult or as expensive as you think. There are many tutorials online, videos and more – DIY it! Don’t just think classic fountains either, it could be water cascading down glass, stone, metal – the world (or garden) is your oyster.

Have a lot of guest? Or even just a lot of space? Add a few garden chairs made from interesting textures to decorate and provide seating. A fire pit near your seating area will keep you warm and look awesome. You can make your garden furniture work with your garden Рchoose a bench and allow roses or other climbing flowers to grow around it.  Make your garden the ultimate place to hang out in summer. Think of all the bottles of wine your guests will bring!

Sarah x