I finally purchased Double Wear Maximum Cover. I also went back to an old favourite – Beautifully Matte by No. 7! I’m still deeply in love with Nars but I have warmed more towards these two.

I had a bit of a nightmare trying to get samples from Estee, I’ve seen people get them in the past but they just refused! I need to find a way of trying out foundations before hand, I really struggle to find darker shades in store anyway, and it’s always a risk ordering something or buying in store if you don’t know if it’ll match! I always feel like it looks better when you try a little in store and totally different by the time you’re home! I like to spend a little extra on my foundations as I don’t think most drug-store foundations quite cut it. If anyone has a solution please say!


I have the No7 in Walnut and the Éstee in Sandlewood. As you can see on when the No7 I think is much more pigmented, the Éstee foundation is a better match without blending. I’ve swatched on the inside of my arm so you can see the difference in colour!

When you blend out the No7 (you can see towards the edged) the colour is much lighter and isn’t as dark as it seems! The coverage is matte and full, I’d say the Éstee is a full coverage as well, but has a slightly dewy finish. If I use either I always set with powder.

I have previously tried the Éstee Double Wear, and I thought it was okay but wasn’t totally thrilled by it. I chose the maximum coverage version because I wanted full coverage. It does build much better than the No7 and more than the double wear.

I’ve started to combine the two to get the right coverage and the best colour match. The No7 has a more ashy undertone and the Éstee a more orange undertone. I always find it hard to find the right colour match! I think I need to try something from IMAN cosmetics.


The No7 on it’s own does last a while but you do have to top it up with powder to stop it same with the Estee. I’ve heard people say the Estee one lasts a long time but I’m a little skeptical! It’s fine for a couple of hours but doesn’t last long when it’s warm much like any other foundation I’ve tried. For both, with a good primer and a decent setting powder you can make them last a good day, you just need to keep topping up with the powder if you have oily skin.


Although I’m fairly happy with this cobmination, I still want something that’s full coverage, matte and the right shade! It’s a hard life..
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Sarah x