debenhamsathome7Debenhams kindly sent me shopping to take a look at their homeware department after I missed the launch for the Ben de Lisi Debenhams apartment at  Cheval Three Quays. I’ve heard it overlooks the River Thames by London Bridge I bet that’s a dreamy view. I’ve just moved into a new flat so this all came at the right time! 

The Ben de Lisi Home collection is gorgeous! I’m madly in love with the ruched bedding, I seem to go for anything grey lately, the muted tones, with a bit of colour, sang to me. What I really liked about the collection and the styling, was the use of finishing touches and “minimilist accents of fun”. My attention is always drawn to those little things that make a huge difference and give a room personality.

debenhamsathome9So, with that in mind, I went for things that would suit different areas of my new pad. I picked up a million things but ended up going for all the items I was originally drawn to! I loved the mini cabinets, perfect for storing all my junk.

For my room, I wanted extra storage. But, not just a boring box. I loved the idea of mini cabinets, perfect for storing all my junk. These ones I picked up straight away, love at first sight. The detailing on the handles is just too much! I love the rustic, feel of the brushed paint. I’m all about vintage-styling, and the style matches my exposed brick walls perfectly.

I raided the cushions next, these silver velvet cushions are from the Debenhams Home Collection. I loveee them. They seem to be rotating between my room and the living room (depending where I am) because they are that comfy!


I matched them with some existing cushions I have, as well as my uber-tacky leopard print covers.

I decided the walls looked a little bare, and I wasn’t digging the existing artwork up in the flat. So, being a massive geek (not ashamed) I picked up some wooden frames, also from the Home Collection, for three Star Wars prints I have.


Check out my Wookie…!


He makes noises… Anyway, the frames are perfect. Of course, loving dark colours I went for black frames but I think they stand out from the white background on the prints.

debenhamsathome12To finish things off, I found this cute LED tea lights! I should have taken a video, as they flicker and look pretty realistic!

debenhamsathome11 It meant I could use a candle holder I’ve had forever, without worrying that I’ll set the room on fire!


I’m yet to find my candle holders for the other tea lights in the pack (they’re somewhere in a box I’m yet to unpack), but I think I’ll just dot them around.

I need to go back to Debenhams in the near future, as I’m madly in love with a beautiful throw. Yes. It happens.

Sarah x