exuviance skin care review

Oily skin is the bane of my life. I’m prone to the 3’oclock shine and feeling like my face looks like you could fry bacon on it. After trying Exuviance‘s Bionic Scrub a while back, I recently tried their clarifying facial cleanser and matte perfection primer. I’m a little bit in love.

Exuviance matte perfection

This matte primer claims to reduce oil and shine after 4 weeks. If you’re into the science stuff it contains Gluconolactone and Mandelic Acid. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 weeks now and I have to say it defiantly does make a difference, I do feeling like my skin is less oily during the day.

It was a little weird to use at first as it’s a gel, unlike my other primers which have more of the consistency of a cream.

It works well in combination with other primers and setting powders for party-proof make-up! I’m definitely going to continue to use it, I think it’s worth looking at if you have particularly sensitive skin.

I’ve got to so used to it now I’ll be heart-broken when it runs out so I’ll definitely have to get more! Fortunately, a little seems to go a long way which is always a plus.exuviance skin care review

Exuviance clarifying cleanser

I really like this cleanser, it comes out like a gel which you apply on wet skin and massage in. It’s light and really does help remove those extra bits of make-up that never want to shift. And I mean after I’ve taken off my make-up (or think I have) with a makeup wipe, it really cleanses deep down.

Like I said it’s deep cleansing and is recommend for acne-prone skin, as it helps to kill bacteria. If that’s not convincing enough it also helps soothe irritated skin and balance skin tone. I think it’s defiantly helped with any uneven colouring and also helps to reduce oil!

I’m so glad I discovered this brand because I do think they are great for people with sensitive skin which is prone pro breakouts/oil/combi. I personally think I’ve seen  improvements, most noticeable after I’ve used the cleanser and I feel like I could (almost) go about my day without makeup on!

Any one tried it? Let me know! This range gets an A+ from me!

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Sarah x