I have too many tutorials saved to my Pinterest and spend a bit too much time on apartment therapy. I don’t quite get round to doing them all but here are a few I’ll be trying over the next few months:

DIY TV Stand

I’ve just moved into a new flat and realised we were missing a TV stand.  At the moment the TV is on a footrest that came with the sofas, it’s not ideal! I need to find the right materials/items that are inexpensive. But here are the best tutorials I’ve found so far.

Ikea Shelving unit come TV Stand

I like this idea. A brand new TV stand is pretty expensive. I fancy giving this a go though I’m not sure mine would look half as good…

TV Stand DIY

If I can’t quite get the wood pallets to look as good and I’m feeling a bit lazy I have found a tutorial teaching you how to paint laminate.

And I could combine that tutorial with this one and voila:

Fabric Backed Bookcase

I’d have a nice colourful TV stand.


Or I could take this route.

Dresser TV Stand DIY

I like the idea of having a dresser with extra storage though it may look a little cramped in my flat.

Hopefully, I’ll find the right sized piece to work on soon. I’ve been experimenting with chalk paint in the meantime. I’ll post how I get on…!

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