We’ll start from the top, may as well. Good scalp condition is key to fresh looking hair every day. If you can’t wash your hair every day, then keep on top of your scalp with a good moisturizing shampoo. For perfect looking hair, you’re going to want to use hair irons or heated curlers. The heat and products you use can keep the hairs neatly together and help to set it in place for the day. Finish with a perfecting serum and a little spray.


The eyes are the windows to your soul, apparently. To look bright and alert, use some refreshing eye drops to moisten and replenish your eyes. Products like Revitalash will care for and enhance your eyelashes. Go easy on the eye makeup and always use clean brushes and applicators. Delicate eye liner and colorful eyeshadow will make your eyes stand out. Finish your eyebrows with a little brush and fill.


Your cheeks and nose are the areas that are most likely to let you down. If you have oily skin, then buy a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and makeup for that skin type. If you’re dry, then pamper your skin with a mask and enriched moisture balm. Exfoliate or scrub a couple of times a week, and use a nourishing face wash. Keep your skin care routine going, and your skin should be on the way to perfectly flawless in no time. Add a little foundation and powder to even out tone, and blush for good color.


Keep lips looking pert and perky with a delicate liner on the bottom lip. Use a plumper on the top lip before adding color to suit your skin tone. Pinks are hot this season, so make the most of all those extra shades on the shelves. To prime your lips, use a chapstick to keep them hydrated and super soft. Roll your lips together a couple of times a day to keep the circulation flowing.


When teeth are brilliant white, your smile looks incredible. Floss thoroughly every night, and use interdental brushes to polish the surfaces between teeth. Teeth whitening systems are cheaper and safer than ever before so don’t be afraid to use one occasionally. Healthy gums should be pink, not red. Visit your dentist if you’re worried. Try to avoid caffeine and wine as they stain the teeth, and can even give you dark circles under your eyes.

My best tip for a great look has got to be about diet. Good foods and fewer junk foods really do make a difference in how we look. I think lots of fresh food makes a difference to how we feel too. Eat well to stay well, get plenty of sleep, and be #flawless. lol ;)

Sarah x