IMG_5492I LOVE Alpro! I find dairy makes not feel to great, so I tend to avoid anything heavily cream based. I’ve tried loads of their products from Chocolate Soy Milk (which is a gift from the gods), Alpro Single Cream (amazing with desserts) and Alpro Custard (YAAAAS).IMG_5505

Alpro sent me their new product Coconut Cusine and I was curious to try something I’ve NEVER thought to try to cook before. Red Thai Curry! I think I’ve only once made a Green Thai Curry and that was a long time ago.


They also sent me this cute oven glove and chopping board with integrated knife sharpener!


Fry 1/4 of a Jar or Red Thai Curry paste for a few minutes. Add the coconut cusine (I used all 500ml) and when it’s starting to boil, add diced chicken (or anything else you like) and vegetables (I went for a hell of a lot of Aubergine). Served with rice it was quick, easy and didn’t involve much thought! It was also delicious if I do say so myself.


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Sarah x