Let’s be honest with each other: no one likes to clean. There are people who enjoy scrubbing on their hands and knees and spending a huge chunk of their day tidying up, but why do that when you could be having fun? Seeing a movie? Reading a book? Nonetheless, cleaning must get done, whether we want to do it or not. The kitchen is the room in the house with the most germs. Not only is it where we cook with raw foods, but it’s also usually the place we keep the bins so there’s bound to be germs around, no matter how hard we clean up. The faster we get things cleaned and the more we stay on top of it, the more time we have for fun activities. There’s plenty more that should be done rather than clean so why not cut corners? Of course, that doesn’t mean doing a half job – you should give it your best – but cut corners while cleaning them at the same time and do it with some of these perfect cleaning hacks!

  • The fridge is the one place in the kitchen that most of us forget about when it comes to cleaning. It’s cold enough to stop food from spoiling, but things still spill and that gets grimy over time. So, don’t let it get that way! All you need is water, white vinegar and a little lemon. Homemade cleaning spray at hand and the lemon makes it smell great! Lemon is a universal kitchen cleaner and you can learn more about that by clicking here.
  • Ovens are a total pain to clean, aren’t they? Sometimes, it can feel like no matter how hard you scrub they never quite get clean. Until now! Half a cup of baking soda and a little water with some elbow grease and a great pair of rubber gloves should leave your oven sparkling clean.
  • When you get a new kitchen sink and fixtures installed, keeping is as clean as the day it was put in can be difficult! Scratches due to pots and pans and cutlery also contribute to the shine going a little dull. So, cleaning the stainless steel of the kitchen sink, drainer and brand-new kitchen taps can be hard. A little wax paper rubbed over the taps can remove water spots and lemon and baking soda can take care of the rest.
  • Chopping boards for meat and vegetables get quite dull over time and sometimes no matter how much you scrub with soapy water, you can smell onions and garlic for weeks! Not anymore. Cut a lemon in half and scrub over the plastic, leave for half an hour then rinse off with warm water. No more stinky smells!

There are so many tricks out there to help you save time – and your muscles – when you have to get the cleaning done. By doing a little every day, you never have to worry about letting things get on top of you. If you’re truly busy, you could always hire a cleaner if the house is too big to manage on your own!

Sarah x