Because it’s Christmas and it’s the time of year you’re allowed to demand stuff or make really subtle hints at the world. Like this. Here’s some things I’ve been lusting after, at least I can always buy Christmas presents for myself!

Anyway, this ones for you Santa.

Ipad Mini

Anything with the world mini in it is bound to appeal to me to be honest. That means it’s cute. Probably.¬†Plus I’d look important rocking up to meetings with my iPad. And cases…

Benefit Christmas Giftsets.

All of them. I want them all. No more needs to be said.

Lush Christmas giftsets.

The lush advent calendar is perfect – it’s an actually affordable beauty calendar! I might buy it for myself anyway…

Tickets & Flights to San Francisco to see WWE

Yeah really. That would be something ticked off my bucketlist! All I’d need is someone to go with :( But I guess a whole bunch of memorabilia would do!

Make-up case.

So I can pretend I’m a proper make-up artist (lol) and get control of my room/life.

Dr Martens

Any of these would do. My current docs are seriously worn down. I do really get my moneys worth out of them! Have you seen the leopard print ones? The gods of glorious pat-butcher-esque tack have spoken. Let it be so.

Lancome L’absolu Velours

I’ve mentioned this before. I went into a counter the other day and they were all sold out of the one colour I wanted (the lovely deep purple shade de Carmin 493) So many tears were shed that day.

A 50mm Camera Lens

After an unfortunate incident with a missing parcel I’m down a camera lens. I would be the happiest girl if I had any good 50mm :(¬†The Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens would be amazing but I’d be happy to have a trusty EF 50 mm f/1.8 II back!

A sturdy tripod

I never ended up ordering my new tripod to go with the lens after being gutted! So my broken wonky one still needs an upgrade. I need something sturdy and light it’s a tricky balance! I did think a monopod might be pretty handy as well..


Because we all need money to buy things we don’t need.

One of those giant teddy bears

Do I need to justify myself? Why would anyone not want one? I spotted one in Costco and have wanted one since…

A bearded dragon.

bearded dragon
I’m not the only one that thinks these little fellas are adorable. Like how some people want to open up a box with a puppy, I want that, just more lizardy.

A giftcard for Whitney Marie

whitney marie
I don’t even know if they do one. But if they do I need it ao I can have fabulous hair and tell people I’m Beyonces twin. Because that’s 1000% believable.

I’ve not been racking up the prices as I’ve been going through this. But if you don’t ask you don’t get! Maybe, just maybe I can squeeze at least one of these things out of Santa ;)

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