So, I ran through Leeds City Centre covered in glitter not too long ago to Lambert’s Yard, to attend Viking’s Arty Party. It was a Christmas crafting event, complete with turkey sandwiches. I’m not really a ‘Christmassy’ type but I absolutely loved it! The day was split into 3 different seasonal crafts: Block printing, Brush lettering and Christmas cracker/Advent calendar making.

Craft 1: Christmas Crackers!

I honestly thought this would be much more complicated, not sure why! It did take me a few to get to grips with it, quite a few minutes… but once I stopped overcomplicating it, it was fun and satisfying! We didn’t complete all our crackers on the day but the idea is you make them into an advent calendar, hang them on the wall and open one each day. When it gets a bit closer to Christmas I want to finish them, I just can’t decide what to put in them! We were lucky enough to get lovely glitter crafting paper from Viking, you can get it here but I’m sure it’d work with other kindsa paper. Thank you to Jane & Maddie from for teaching us how to cracker!

Craft 2: Brush Lettering

I loved this so much I actually can’t stop practising. There’s something very relaxing about it, it’s pretty satisfying to work with the brush tipped pens! Nothing I’ve done looks as good as what Joyce from Arstynibs can do… not yet ;) She’s a brush lettering genius. We were given some pens again thanks to Viking – they are Pentel Sign Pens and just great to write with. I’m definitely purchasing more, I’ve already got some mileage out of mine. Joyce gave us plenty of good advice. I think the most important thing is to remember to relax and to just keep practising the shapes. Search for some practice sheets and just give it a go!


Craft 3: Block Printing

Block printing is something that I vaguely remember doing in school. It was good fun and again Tea and Crafting were on hand to show us what to do. Block printing is pretty straightforward but it did take me ages to think of a design, I ended up looking on Pinterest in the end – plenty of inspiration! We decorated some plain white Viking folders – it was nice to see the different designs. The good thing about block printing is that it can be kinda messy. If you want to go truly old school you could use a potato to print your designs. I hope to share mine soon… it ended up kinda looking like pizza so I’m decorating it with some markers to make it look more, um edible.

It was lovely to see a few familiar faces – and some new ones! Thanks again to Viking, Search Labs (thanks for the photos Matt!) and all the lovely crafty ladies that put up with me making a mess of everything!

Sarah x