I’ve recently been playing with Rustoleum Paint and having a bit too much fun. Not only is it great for home repairs, but you can get creative with it. Think beyond your walls. These two ideas could be used for weddings, parties or just because.


Chalkboard Message Table Tutorial

ChalkboardTutorial2I started with this table. It’s been through the wars as you can tell, I painted it around three years ago, back here on my blog! It didn’t get taken care of as well as my other table, so i thought it was time to give it some love.



I painted the top surface with the chalkboard paint, I sanded and cleaned it first, but didn’t need to prime it! I applied two coats (after giving it a good stir) and left it to dry. It was touch dry in about 30 minutes! Next I started on the legs…ChalkboardTutorial6

I painted the table legs with chalky finish paint in lilac white and duck egg.

ChalkboardTutorial8I finished off the table with a coat of finishing wax on the legs and left it to dry. Simple!ChalkboardTutorial5

Here are the results:


I like the idea of encouraging guests to leave messages and write on their tables. We’re all big kids at heart, who doesn’t love chalk? Of course, on a longer table this would be even better!



Decorative Letters Tutorial


I love these decorative letters! You could use them as a centrepiece on a table, even a chalkboard one. Or, you could spell out words, initials, anything you like. I found these wooden letters at a craft shop, though you could make them yourself if you’re up for the challenge.


For a wedding, I like the idea of using small individual letters for each guest table – something to take home! I sprayed mine in white and bronze, then added black glitter on the white paint whilst it was still tacky.


Using spray paint rather than brushes made this so much easier. Et voila!

Sarah x