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  • Lighthouse: Live Simple Live Happy

    Lighthouse “make style led clothing for daily life, everyday adventures and those who find joy by the sea – whatever the weather.” “Based Belfast and born from the philosophy that the most memorable moments in life are often the simplest ones. We encourage the wanderer and sea lover in us all to step outside and […]

  • Cor Blimey Apparel

    Cor Blimey Apparel

    So I got this tote from Cor Blimey Apparel*, I do quite enjoy their brand name. It’s just nice to say ain’t it. Cor Blimey are fairly new to the scene I like their idea of using Dashikis, not sure I could pull it off but I’d give it a whirl! Big fan of their T-shirt […]

  • Introducing Alexi Accessories

    Introducing Alexi Accessories

    I was lucky enough to come across Alexi Accessories. Alexi is a new British jewellery brand and if you’ve read any of my other posts on jewellery and accessories you’ll know how much I love a homegrown brand. ALEXI is synonymous with a new world of glamour and romance, inspired by the miracles of nature the collections […]

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Perfectly Imperfect

    It’s been a hectic week. It’s Tour De France today, between me and my flatmate we got some pretty good videos and photos roadside! I’ve been doing a few other things like blogging for Oh Hey Nina and writing for Eat More Cake. I’ve also discovered something else. As you may have gathered from this post, I’m […]