Benz & Blanc is a new cosmetic store in leeds city centre. Run by the lovely Paul it’s a cute little store in Leeds’ infamous Corn Exchange.


Benz & Blanc specialises in oral care. The shop sells a range of natural, cruelty and chemical free products, including bath bombs, bamboo toothbrushes and more. They also stock a range of home tooth whitening products.

I went along on their opening day and was lucky enough to be invited to try their tooth whitening service. I’ve never had it done before!

We started out by picking my current shade, 24. Then, the peroxide free treatment was applied by popping a mouthguard in with the whitening product.


Next I sat with an LED Lamp over the guard looking a bit bizarre but very excited! It’s nothing like going to the dentist, which I hate! No sensitivity, no pain, and you put the product in yourself so you don’t have stranger hands in your gob.

You either choose two half an hour slots or two twenty minutes one. I sat back for 20 minutes day dreaming about my gleaming teeth, pretty relaxed. Then, when the time was up a beep let me know it’s time to rake the first guard out. I was so impressed after the first 20 minute session that for the next, I went for the full 30 minutes.

The whole process was pain-free, it didn’t taste bad and wasn’t uncomfortable. I didn’t have any of the horror story bleeding gums, sore teeth or anything like that as you do with peroxide teeth bleaching. It’s safe to swallow too so I didn’t feel nervous about any left behind.

By the time i left I was 10 shades lighter! I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. I have to say, a week or so later my teeth are still looking lovely and bright.

Though, along with the treatment I have been using a couple of products the lovely Paul gave me. As well as my normal toothpaste, I’ve been using Diamond Whites Black Edition Tooth Polish. I use it once a day, in replace of my normal toothpaste.

It’s a 100% natural tooth polish made from coconut shell charcoal. It is BLACK as the night it’s self. It may scare you at first and its quite fun to use and surprise people with. It whitens  your teeth, strengthens your hums, removes toxins and absorbs bacteria. I think it’s great! Though a little messy – but you get used to it!


Additionally, he gave me some Diamond Whites Tooth Whitening Strips. I’ve been using these on and off since I’ve had my treatment to keep my teeth feeling Hollywood-worthy. They are peroxide -free like the treatment, which for me is important as I have sensitive teeth. You place the strips over your teeth, with the whitening gel on and leave them on for a while. I think eventually I will try to do it daily, and do a full two week course for 20/30 mins a day!

I have to say, the shop was light and nice to be in, Paul is attentive and very friendly and it’s worth a visit. Don’t forget as well as products for your teeth, Benz and Blanc stock a range of bath bombs, creams and other lovely bits.

benz and blanc leeds corn exchange

The treatment is priced at £79 for a limited time so hurry and get it done! Paul will also top you up when you need it, for a reduced price.

If you’re in Leeds City Centre, don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

Sarah x