benefit they're real reviewI got my hands on these two beauties at the Northern Blogger Meet a while back, not only were the ladies from Benefit lovely but I think they changed my life. I think this is more of a love letter to Benefit than anything else..

They’re Real! Mascara

benefit they're real mascara review

This mascara is incredible! It’s nice to get a mascara that actually does what it says on the tin. There’s a pic at the bottom of me with the mascara on. Honestly it’s perfect for me.

What I liked the most about this is the tip of the brush. Because it’s flat and splayed out it’s easier to separate eyelashes and guide them into the right spot. It also makes it TONS easier to do my bottom lashes. Did I mention this is seriously waterproof as well. Heavy duty eye make up remover needed. I cannot recommend this enough!

benefit they're real mascara reviewThey’re Real! Push-Up Liner

benefit they're real push up liner review

This eyeliner as well. Just so so perfect. It did take me a while to get used to it I have to say, but I’m so glad I carried on using it. It’s so much easier to get an accurate line or wing and this does NOT budge!

The tip is angled and a kind of rubbery material. In order to get some eyeliner out you twist the bottom, the first time you use it you’ll need to twist the bottom about 10 times to bring it to the top. Wipe up the excess, then you’ll only need to twist it once when you’re applying it! I think I use about 2 twists on each eye.

Once you get the hang of it, it makes everything easier. It feels weird now using my normal liquid or gel eyeliner!

benefit they're real push up liner review


These are some of my top products I’ve used recently. I’ve also bought the Porefessional set from Benefit so I’ll post about that soon! I do really want a Benefit advent calendar. Santa you listening?

Sarah x

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