Originally with this post, I planned on dying a glorious Halloween dress. Unfortunately, the dye didn’t take so I started thinking about Autumn leading into winter, with Bonfire Night at the back of my mind.


Before you attempt to dye anything – don’t do what I did! If it’s a large item, double check the weight. I’d also try to do a small test area where you can, and TRIPLE check that there’s no polyester in the material. It turns out my first choice of dress wasn’t as cotton as I thought!


So, I switched it up and used Dylon’s Burlesque red fabric dye to create two new pieces, that felt wintery and seasonal. The deep red tone make me think of fireworks, leaves and the colder season. For my t-shirt, I grabbed a long sleeved cotton t-shirt that I’ve had lying around. I bought it cheap as it had a stain on it, with the intention of doing something with it – the time is here. For this, I used Dylon’s hand wash dye. It’s pretty easy to get to grips with.

Just remember to grab some gloves, make sure you’re using an area which won’t stain (e.g. white bathroom = disaster). I used a bucket within the kitchen sink to mix my dye. Follow the instructions to mix and you’ll have your cauldron of dye ready to use. It’s pretty easy to create a cute dip-dye effect, you just need to be patient.

Also – my life saver. A pair of wooden chopsticks for stirring the dye! They also look pretty cool now.

Instead of submerging the whole item, submerge the item bit by bit in the timescale. Start with the area you want to be darkest, periodically submerging more and more of the t-shirt until your happy with the effect. Personally, I did my first section at 30 mins, next section at 15, final section at 5 minutes.


Et voila!

Wash n Go

While I was at it, I grabbed a grey jumper dress I had and decided to give that a go too. I was so giddy I forgot to take before pics! As this was cotton/acrylic nit, the dye settled in parts of the cableknit giving it a textured, multicoloured affect – I love it!