I was lucky enough to come across Alexi Accessories. Alexi is a new British jewellery brand and if you’ve read any of my other posts on jewellery and accessories you’ll know how much I love a homegrown brand.

ALEXI is synonymous with a new world of glamour and romance, inspired by the miracles of nature the collections reflect a stunning range of simple delicate designs that will influence the future of feminine fashion.

Alexi Accessories

I wanted to share this stunning Hollow Circle Necklace* from Alexi’s signature collection. I’m in love with it! Seriously, I spent a little too much time in an ‘oo shiny’ moment. It’s simple and looks so delicate I can’t wait till I have an opportunity to show it off. I felt it was a little too special for a trip down the pub.

Alexi Accessories I tend to live entirely in chokers and things like that, so it’s something a little different for me. I’ve been eyeing up the rings Alexi have as well, they are incredible. I genuinely think this is now one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

I can see some of the other items on the site making lovely gifts, Alexi will defiantly will be in my mind when I’m Christmas shopping this year (that’s if I manage to order anything in time this year…) I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of Alexi, keep an eye out!

What do think? @sarahxsarahh

Sarah x