At their lovely shop located in the Leeds Corn Exchange, Benz and Blanc is a cosmetic shop which sells a range of products from tooth care to skincare and provides loads of fantastic services such as teeth whitening (with all natural products), mini facials eyebrow waxing and even incredible dental clip-in veneers.

I’ve talked about them before and of been lucky enough to visit their shop even tried a few of the treatments. Not to mention I’ve brought home a facial brush which I’m in love with. It’s so soft – but anyway that’s not what I can about today.


Benz & Blanc have launched their own charcoal toothpaste and have been working with the charity – Operation Smile. It’s admirable that they are helping children around the world to smile as well as taking care of your teeth. You can pick it up from their Leeds store or on their site, with their fab special launch offer at ¬£7.99 (RRP ¬£9.99).

Now, you may have seen these types of products making their way around Instagram and the like. It does give you a rather scary looking mouth, making it kinda fun, well, lots of fun, especially when you surprise people with it.

Activated charcoal toothpaste work by binding to anything on your teeth, such as bacteria and even viruses, helping to remove it and leave you with sparkly teeth. It’ll work wonders on healthy teeth – if you’ve had any issues with you in the past, consult with your dentist to make sure it’s not removing any medication. New to it? Use it in your normal toothpaste routine like I do if you like – normal toothpaste in the¬†morning & charcoal on an evening.

Benz_and_blanc_Leeds_3 copy

The paste itself is a small tin that’s 100% British and it’s really environmentally friendly – not to mention their charity partnership! I have to say even though it looks small and little charcoal goes a very long way, so you can really make it last.

Benz & Blanc have used all natural products, made here in the UK, to create this fantastic tooth care product. I think you can actually see your teeth whitening as you use the powder! I’ve been using this just around a week and have completely forgotten about my other charcoal tooth products.


Apply it to your toothbrush by dampening the brush with some water, then dipping the brush into the charcoal – carefully! You might want to put some tissue or a towel down, as it can get a little messy. Make sure you’re in the bathroom and not anywhere else – but I’m sure you know that. Brush as normal and leave to settle for a minute or two. Then, rinse and spit carefully. Remember to give the sink a good rinse!

It doesn’t taste of much to me, deffo different to your average toothpaste, but it’s not bad. It might look crazy (black teeth!) but it’s so easy to clean up with water and I’ve not found it to stain. But – if the taste bothers you, Benz and Blanc also have their charcoal powder in mint!

Again, ask for advice from your dentist if you have any questions or want to know a little bit more. I’m no expert but I do find that my teeth are looking good and I‘ve been able to make the results of my natural teeth whitening process last even longer.

Always use a reputable company like Benz and Blanc to get your charcoal. Make sure that you are buying something 100% genuine, as well as researched and made by people with a real passion for their products.

Sarah x