Dig up last years summer clothes, there’s nothing wrong with them. Promise! Instead of draining your bank account in the summer sales for things you (like me), probably already have, start buying accessories.


Layering bracelets is an easy way to add some interest to a plain outfit. A long-sleeved plain crop-top paired with a stack of bracelets is always a good shout. I like to mix silvers, golds and darker colours but go crazy

Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs have been making the rounds everywhere, you can find them on almost every fashion retailer now. You can go over the top with things like arm cuffs though! If you want to wear one, wear something in an interesting design with a simple outfit.

Statement Watches

If your watch isn’t a statement watch, you’re doing it wrong. Everyone should have a statement watch. It doesn’t need to be designer; there are so many different options on the high street to suit any budget. If you’re splashing out on a watch or two, but don’t plan on wearing them all the time, you need to make sure you have the right accessories to keep them in good condition. A double watch winder will stop your watches from breaking down if you decide to take them off.

Metallic Tattoos

Metallic tattoos are the perfect accessory for festivals and holidays. They’re so easy to apply and look great if you apply them carefully and correctly. They’re a good alternative to jewellery; you don’t need to worry about losing any of your valuables while you’re having a good time. I like ones that imitate rings for a little bit of understated shine!

Hoop earrings

An absolute classic! I am guilty of pairing hoop earrings with every and any outfit. If you wear them right they can look classy or tone down your outfit. If you’re going for an evening look don’t choose huge heavy gold earrings unless you want to dress your outfit down. A thin medium sized hoop goes with almost anything.


The satchel is my go-to bag this year. I love a large chunky bag in one or two block colours. Satchels are perfect for it. Quite keen on a bucket bag too!


A big pair of oversized sunnies are a must. Wether thats because you partied a bit too hard the night before, or it is actually a nice day. If you’re like me and can barely see a foot in front of you, then prescription glasses aren’t all too bad. Big brands and well known glasses and sunglasses makers will have something you’ll like, that you can get your prescription fitted in.

I better get mine sorted before my next holiday…

Sarah x