By updating areas within your living space, and by giving them some extra love and attention; you’ll be excited to walk through your front door each day. You don’t have to take on a complete renovation project!

Switches And Sockets

They might seem like insignificant things; but, why shouldn’t you treat the functional little gems, that are scattered everywhere around your home, with some care and attention. Say goodbye to the white plastic (and easy-to-get-grubby) light switches and plug sockets, and say hello to matte black, copper, or brushed-metal finishes. You’re more than likely to use them regularly, so investing in some quality items, which are aesthetically pleasing too, will give your home a detailed designer edge. Take a look at Retro Touch’s range of electrical products to gain some inspiration.

Fixtures And Fittings

Much like your light switches and plug sockets; the rest of your smaller functional items deserve careful consideration as well. Take a look at your taps, and give them the recognition they need. Taps and faucets are key pieces that you’ll use each day, so replacing them with high-spec versions could actually pay off. The finishes of your kitchen and bathroom taps should be in keeping with the style and period of your home; that way they won’t look tired or generic.

Your light fittings can be a striking focal point to any room. Bear in mind the overall look of the room, and the year your property was built; these are great places to start when you’re sourcing unique and characterful ceiling and wall lights. Radiators don’t just heat your home; they can be another design-savvy way of expressing your home’s history and style, so put thought into buying one and choose wisely.


Doorknobs And Handles

Opening any door in your home, whether it’s a cupboard door or the entrance to a room, should feel great. You’ve already decided to push or pull the door open because you want to get to what’s on the other side; so imagine if the process was even sweeter. The knobs and handles that adorn your home’s doors should feel pleasing in your hands, and be beautiful to boot. Think about colours and finishes, along with if you want sturdy metal to grasp, or if you’d prefer a decorative ceramic knob that oozes vintage charm. Open the door (sorry) to Pinterest, and get a handle (sorry again) on your doorknob options here.

Floors And Skirting Boards

Moving up in size; your flooring choices can change the whole and feel of your interior space, so it’s worth investing in them. Changing a floor can seem like a big task; but, if you choose wisely, your floors will last for years ahead, and you won’t have to worry about them again (until someone spills red wine on the carpet). Think about the environment you want to lay new flooring; consider if it needs to be particularly hard-wearing due to heavy footfall, or if you want something soft and comfortable underfoot as you step out of bed. If you’re at a loss as to where to begin, check out the Carpet One range of flooring to see what your budget will get you, and for design ideas.

The skirting boards in your house are like the frame to the picture that is your (hopefully new) floor. They are another great way to show off the period of your property or to add a pop of colour to a room. If your skirting boards look beaten up and tired, it can give an unloved feel to a whole space. You don’t need to replace any if you don’t want to, simply sand them and give them a fresh coat of paint.


Walls And Ceilings

The walls and ceilings take up the most room in any house or apartment, so if they’re crisp and looking great, your home will be a joy to be inside. Smaller spaces, like downstairs bathrooms and walk-in closets, are the perfect places to be brave and creative with your wall choices. Look into various wallpapers and their colours, textures, and prints. If you see something that catches your eye, then go for it; you’ll end up having the best downstairs loo in town, and the effects may well trickle into other parts of your abode.

As for your painted walls and ceilings, keep them wiped, dusted and clean so that walking into a room continues to be a breath of fresh air. Just like your skirting boards, your coving, picture rails, and ceiling cornices should all be given plenty of attention. Ensure they’re kept clean, and why not try painting them a contrasting colour, which will make them more of an interior feature. You could source some vintage styles, and you’ll have your own version of Versailles before you know it.

Textiles And Comfort

Now you’ve done all the hard graft and completed your DIY dreams; you can sit back and relax. But wait; surely the battered old cushion your leaning on deserves an upgrade? Of course it does. So do your curtains and rugs. Oh, and that chair in the corner has seen better days. You don’t need to fork out a huge amount of money all at once; the beauty of soft furnishings is that you can invest in them bit by bit, and it allows you to enjoy the process of gaining design inspo and sourcing your favourite styles.

If you adore the shape and feel of your vintage armchair, and can’t imagine replacing it, then consider reupholstering it in a beautiful fabric!

Sarah x