Picture the scene. You’ve finally got a free weekend and are itching to do something useful! You’ve already been to the gym that day. There is nothing good on Netflix, and your friends are busy. Inspiration strikes; “I’ll clear out my wardrobe”, you think.


You head to your bedroom with a fresh cup of coffee, turn on the radio and throw open the doors. Over the next couple of hours, you rehang and reorganize your wardrobe. You find old favorites that had fallen down at the back. You find a dress with a tag still on that you haven’t even worn yet (oops!). You also find some stuff that you haven’t worn in months, and know that you won’t do in the future!

A few more cups of coffee later, you’re done. Except…there is a big pile of clothes at your feet! You plan to throw them straight in the trash; it’s the quickest and easier option. But wait! There are other options to wasting your clothes like this! Read on to find out what they are…

Donate to charity

Your very first port of call should, of course, be to donate them to charity! Here they will do a lot more good than filling up a landfill site! You are allowing others to enjoy your clothes a-fresh, for a lower price. Not to mention that you are actively helping that charity make money! Some charities also have a great system now where they can notify you about how much money your items have made.

Fix them! 

Sewing is a dying art, and it’s a massive tragedy. Though seemingly every mother on the planet knows how to sew, the chances are you don’t know many people your own age who can! Well, teaching yourself is a wise move. It will allow you to fix clothes. A little rip in the back of a pair of sweater needn’t be the end of its life. Some closely matching thread and a steady hand will fix it right up! For shoes, take them for footwear repair, or order your own pieces so you can repair them yourself! Sometimes a good clean and a new pair of heels or soles is all a pair of shoes needs to look brand new again!

Host a clothes swap party 

What a great excuse for a party! Host a clothes swap party, using the clothes you no longer want or wear. Have a group of friends clear out their wardrobes in the same way that you did. Then have them all bring their unwanted items to your party. Set up a system where everyone can swap their clothes fairly. It will be like shopping in your favorite store, but free! Lay out some snacks and play some music too!

Upcycle them

Thanks to the interest and sites like Pinterest, there is loads of inspiration out there for upcycling your clothes. You’re sure to find something you like the look of that you can recreate yourself. Take a look at these boring old shoes that were turned into glittery red Dorothy shoes instead!

Sarah x