It’s cold out right?! Christmas is on its way and summer feels like a thing of the past. I can’t afford to overhaul my entire wardrobe BUT I can grab a few new pieces to make things a little warmer.

I’m afraid it’s time to hang up your favorite summer Birkenstock sandals, pack away your sunnies and trade them in for something a little warmer. Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s still warm… I’M NOT JEALOUS IS WEAR!

Go thermal

Thermal vests and tops don’t have to be ‘old lady fashion’. If you’re into winter walks or generally getting out of about no matter the weather, then dress for it! Instead of dressing in a way that ages you – think ski-trip fashion! There are plenty of great brands out there that offer something different, too. 

More socks

Go wild with your socks. Get some cheap wool ones from your local supermarket or go luxury and treat your feet. You can always wear some cool socks over the top if your warmest ones are a bit plain. Plus who doesn’t love a good sock? They also make great Christmas gifts for men and women alike!


I know leggings aren’t the warmest of clothes for a chilly winter’s morning. But, wear them under a pair of jeans or trousers and they will keep you warm that’s for sure. It’s best not to wear them under skinny jeans, of course. You still want to look good and not feel squashed! Though, on their own, a good pair of faux-leather leggings will look good and keep you warm on a winter night-out! You can also get plenty with fur on the insides.

Fake fur shoes

For kicking around the house, they can act as a more robust – and far warmer – pair of slippers. They are as cheap as chips from the supermarkets, too. Furry boots are perfect for lazy Sundays by the fire if you ask me. And, if you don’t wear them outside at all, they should last you for a few years at least.


In winter I live in beanie hats. They keep your head warm and perfect for hiding bad hair days. If that’s not your style there’s plenty of hats out there… there’ll be one for you! Be it trapper hats or wool felt fedoras. It’s all down to your personal style.

Sarah x