Happy birthday to me and all that jazz. I’m a year older. So joyful.


Here are some things I desperately feel will change my life and perk me up…


L’Absolu Velours – Lancome

Matte lip gloss. Beautiful matte lip gloss. The shades look almost good enough to eat. Colour Velours de Violine (the purple shade) is my favourite. I came across these on another blog and I’m madly in love, this is now my priority..

house of holland

House of Holland – Kitty Kitsch

They are false nails and they have cats on them, I have little other reasoning for wanting them. I’ve already tried two Henry Holland kits and I wouldn’t mind another!


Nars Pore Refining Primer

I will have to review the many MANY different primers I own. I just can’t seem to settle on one, but Nars has never let me down so far and I’m a big fan!


Shavata Eyebrow Stencils

I draw my eyebrows on so often I’m not 100% sure what they look like anymore. I’m not a big fan of going to get my eyebrows done so I tend to do all my maintenance at home. I’ve heard some good things about these! I’d quite like to try their brow kit as well.

Anyone tried and tested any of these? Let me know before I splash out @sarahxsarahh