What do you do when you’re bored of clothes? Most people will throw them away, give them to charity shops, or sell them. It’s not that hard to think a little creatively and “upcycle” you’re clothes. It’s more than just a buzzword I swear…!

Step 1: Sort through

Be brutal, don’t hold back. Have a look at which ones don’t fit you anymore. Which ones could do with a revamp. And which ones definitely need getting rid of. Put them into piles, so you know what you’re going to be upcycling, and what really has no life left in it. This declutter will also make you feel so much better about your wardrobe situation. There’s nothing better than an organisation session!

Step 2: Gather your materials

You’ll definitely need some fabric scissors, which you can find at most hobby stores. You’ll also need some fabric glue and a sewing kit. Invest in different patches, materials and accessories that you can play around with. Swarovski non hotfix crystals are great if you want to add some sparkle. Most fabric shops will also have off cuts you can nab for cheap (or free) too. Get all your materials together and move onto the next step.

Step 3: Snipping and Sewing

It’s time to give those clothes a new lease of life. Grab your scissors and your sewing kit for this step. There are so many different ways you can refashion clothes that no longer fit. Learn how to make waistlines bigger or smaller, depending on what size you are now. You can also turn winter garments into summer must-haves. Turning jeans into cutoff shorts, for example. Or t-shirts into crop tops!

Step 4: Hemlines and Tidying Up

Next, you need to tidy up your work. Although some clothes look cool with fraying hems, most will need to be tidied up. Hemming clothes isn’t difficult and can be learnt quite quickly. You’ll also want to get rid of any visible sewing lines or threads. Keep touching up your clothes until they look like something you’d find in a shop.

Step 5: The finishing touches

Finally, we’re onto the fun bit. It’s time to add those finishing touches. Remember those patches and accessories we spoke about earlier? You can add those on now. Use fabric glue to stick on gems or glitter. Iron on your new patches or logos. Add tassels, beading, sequins. Whatever takes your fancy. You can then do another quick tidy up before putting your new garment back in the wardrobe.

Don’t go too crazy, but be creative. They are your clothes so you have the freedom to do whatever. You don’t want to look like you’ve just fallen head first into a craft supply box though!

Sarah x