It’s Summer, you’ve got a nice cool temperature going… but the Sun drops and the floors suddenly turn to ice! If you don’t have carpet, instead of cranking the heating up, warm up the floors.

It’s time to get some pretty rugs

Rugs are your best friend when it comes to wooden or stone flooring. If you search hard enough, you can grab one for a bargain and transform your room in the process. If you’re creative enough with your choices, you can choose something that can highlight and add to the room. A larger rug in the living room will keep your toes from freezing on an evening. In the bedroom, you could have a large one around or just under the bed. You could also use smaller rugs to make a toasty runway to other rooms.

Look at investing in some underfloor heating

If your floors are the issue, you might not need to turn all the heating on in summer. Think about having underfloor heating installed or if you’re feeling up to it you can grab polypipe underfloor heating kits which you can install yourself. You’re likely to only need to turn it on a few degrees in summer to stop the nights from feeling too cold. 

Add a few finishing touches

As well as your floor, there’s no point making it nice and warm and cosy if you’re getting a draft. Make sure your curtains go all the way to the floor, to keep any nasty drafts at bay. If you need to, use a draft excluder around the edges of your doors to keep breezes at bay. If you’re not up to making any major changes or don’t fancy a rug, something as simple as painting wooden floors a warmer colour could trick your mind into feeling a bit of extra warmth.

Go carpet all the way

Overall, if it really is an issue, switch to carpets. Though, it can be a bit pricey – but worth it in the long run. Choose a type of carpet that suits your lifestyle. Often the benefits of a wooden floor, are that it’s easy to wipe down and clean. Be sensible with your carpet choices, choosing a colour and a fabric that works for you. E.g. if you have pets – you may want to avoid a white shag carpet, but you may go for a darker, easy-clean option. Oh and, invest in a good vacuum!

Sarah x