apple-1868496_1280If you get home after a long, hard day and immediately trip over some discarded shoes while at the same time knocking over a big mountain of paper, this may be a sign that your home needs to be decluttered! And while there is no doubt that a tidy home means a tidy mind, you want to make sure you are organising your home in the right way. There are a few common traps that people fall into when they come to decluttering their home. Here are five of the top mistakes that you want to avoid.

Buying Storage Items Before Organising

Stop! Before you rush out and buy a whole load of fancy storage devices, you should actually organise everything that is in your home first. This will give you a much better idea of what you will actually need. You may find things that you don’t want to keep any more, and there’s no point storing stuff that you are never going to use. Rather than buying all your storage items at once, you may want to sort out each room one by one.

Trying to Do Too Much, Too Fast

You will probably approach the task of decluttering riding a wave of enthusiasm, but trust me, this is not going to last! Rather than setting aside an entire day for organising, start off with just a couple of hours. I’m pretty sure that this is more than enough for anyone, but you can always carry on for longer if you want. Tackle your home room by room and you are more likely to have the motivation to get the whole job done.

Not Finishing Each Task

The best way to complete any task is to focus all of you attention on it rather than splitting up your time. If you get home to see half-finished jobs all over the house, this could end up being more stressful than the clutter itself! Once you have decided that you don’t want to keep some items, make sure to actually get rid of them straight away rather than letting them hang around your home for days on end.

Buying the Wrong Storage Items

Wooden boxes with floor rollers are all well and good, but if there is no room for them under your bed or couch then they won’t be much help to you! Instead, sliding devices with metal drawer runners may end up being the better choice. Think about the space that you have available in your home before settling on which storage items you choose.

Becoming Disheartened


The task of decluttering your home can feel like an uphill battle, but don’t give up! Always remind yourself that all your hard work will pay off in the long run, and you will live in a home that is much more organised. Remember, the new storage systems that you are putting in place will help you fight clutter but they won’t replace the general home upkeep you have to go through.
Sarah x