Imagine being able to magic up some more space in your home by simply clicking your fingers!

Click! Voila, a new bedroom!

Click! Some extra cupboard space!

Unfortunately, there is no amount of magic in the world that can help us create space so easily in a tiny home. This got me thinking about all the different solutions that we can use to make our homes seem bigger. Here are some of the best I could come up with.

Extend Into Your Garden

If you have quite a spacious garden area, you might like the idea of extending out into the garden. I have a few friends who have done so and increased the size of their kitchen or created an extra room by adding a conservatory to the back of their property. If you speak to some like, I’m sure they will let you know the different options that would work with your property. You will certainly find that extending your home is the option that provides you with the biggest addition of space!

Convert Your Loft

If you don’t think you will get the planning permission needed for a property extension, you might be able to get a loft conversion. Even though some situations require planning permission for a loft conversion, they are often a lot easier to get the permission for compared to an extension! And then, once your conversion is complete, you will have a brand new bedroom! Don’t worry if you don’t actually need a new bedroom – you could just use this extra room for more wardrobe space. I know I would!

Divide Your Rooms With Storage Units

If you live in a studio apartment, you will probably have one big room that you use as your whole living space. It will be a kitchen-living-room-dining-room all in one! This might be fine at first, but you might end up craving a few more rooms after a while. So, why not use functional storage units to divide the room into smaller areas?! For instance, you could use a bookcase to separate a space for dining from the kitchen area.

Conceal Storage In Furniture

If you don’t have a lot of space to place closets and cupboards in your rooms, then you need to get sneaky about adding storage! Thankfully, you have plenty of options as you could just buy some furniture that has storage space concealed inside it. For instance, there are lots of beds that come with drawers in their base. You can also find sofas and footstools with drawers in their base as well.

Think Vertically

Wish you had more kitchen space? Just think vertically! One great example of how to do this is to add more shelves to your kitchen’s walls. If you are tall enough, you might like the idea of adding a shelf above the door to your kitchen! If you have some spare wall space, just ask yourself whether a shelf would work there!

Sarah x