I do like a bit of Blackpool. I’ve mostly visited for the music festival, Rebellion (back ‘int day). It’s sunny so you should be trying to squeeze every bit of entertainment out of the weather as you can. Without sweating off an eyebrow of course.

From Blackpool and Margate to Newquay and Western Super Mare, there are a fair few choices when it comes to the beach. Blackpool remains the most popular with most of us though!

When I go anywhere I struggle with knowing what to pick.

In case you are new to holidaying in Blackpool, I thought I would put together my top tips for planning a seaside holiday.

Visit Blackpool Tower

Probably the most iconic feature of the town, Blackpool Tower is something you have to see. Scared of heights or not, this is one attraction that you have to visit.

First opened in the early nineties, Blackpool Tower has become somewhat of an image for Blackpool. When people think of the seaside town, often this is the first thing that comes to mind.

Considering how many times I’ve been. And stayed at the Dukeries (best B&B brekkie ever) not that far from it, I’ve never visit it myself! I really should.

Go for dinner

You can’t not eat at a chippy when you’re at the seaside. I think it’s obligatory. However, once you’ve had the required meal there are a few other choiceThere are lots of lovely seafront restaurants to choose from, which makes eating in Blackpool more interesting than you’d think.

Get an ice cream

No seaside holiday is complete without an ice cream. The seafront is rammed full of cafes and shops selling ice creams and ice lollies. From fruit sorbets to locally made ice cream, you are guaranteed brain freeze.

Go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Unlike any other seaside destination in the UK, Blackpool  has its own theme park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It’s not bad having a theme park by the beach with over 125 rides, including 12 roller coasters.

If roller coasters aren’t for you – I’ll admit they’re not my cup of tea, there are lots of other rides to enjoy. Or, if you’re just not interested you can visit the arcade. I like anything where you win tickets, I’m suddenly like a child. Even if the prizes are rubbish…

It does get busy so it’s worth planning ahead if you try it.

Take a trip to the zoo

Spread over 32 acres, Blackpool Zoo, is home to over 1000 animals, including lions, tigers, and elephants. I’ve not been to a zoo for over 10 years which is kinda crazy. But if you have young ‘uns they’ll love it.

Visit the waterpark

Blackpool is home to the UK’s biggest indoor water park, perfect for visiting on those (guaranteed) rainy days. The water park has over 15 slides and rides, including a water roller coaster, lazy river and wave machine. You won’t feel like you’re missing out too much. Unless you’re like me and, of course, wouldn’t get your hair wet.

I may start a travel section and talk about a few other places I’ve been in the UK and elsewhere. Amsterdam this weekend!

Sarah x