After a long day of work, you want to come back to a delicious meal, a night in front of the television perhaps, and then what? 

Start With A Lick Of Paint

Whenever, I think about redesigning a room a always start by asking myself if it needs repainting. It could be the exact colour that I want it but I might still consider touching it up and adding a fresh coat. . Or, I could suggest an entirely new colour. You may have just moved into a new house and if that is the case, the bedroom still might be a boring cream. Paint your bedroom your favourite colour no matter what that is. 

Add Some Wall Accessories

I have a few art frames in my living room and I have just recently bought some for my bedroom. If art isn’t your thing, try putting up some family photos around your bedroom. These can give you the comfort you need for a good night sleep.


If you are having trouble sleeping, there will commonly be three culprits. You might find your bed is too lumpy to get comfortable on and if that is the case, consider purchasing a new one. You can buy lots of different types of mattresses now that are perfect for individual needs. For example, if you have never slept on a memory foam mattress you should try it. The second culprit is a thin curtain over a window, shining light into the room. If you are having trouble getting to sleep, try investing in thicker curtains. You will be amazed by how much darker your bedroom can be at night.

Style And Comfort Combined

Once you have bought your new bed, you should consider buying a couple of brand new duvet cover sets. There are some stunning designs to be found in online stores that will give the room a fashionable decor. An extra tip is to match this bedding to the colour of your curtains and compliment the colour of the walls.

A Few More Well Placed Accessories

Finally, finish off the room with some designer accessories. You could buy a soft, thick rug for the floor that will centre the room perfectly. Or a nice throw for the bed that can compliment the other colours and styles that you have chosen. If you are a late reader, why not buy some designer lamps for each side of the bed? These will look lovely and help a great deal on those sleepless nights.  

Sarah x