The Gin festival takes place at several locations around the UK. Of course, being from Leeds I went to the Gin Festival at Leeds Town Hall.


I’ve been once before so was very excited to try it again! It works on a token based system. You buy tokens, then exchange them for cocktails and of course, many many different gins. My favorite were the flavored ones – particularly anything with raspberry or chocolate!

There was a shop, complete with glorious jins. Not to mention, plenty of samples – gotta love a freebie! Tried plenty of nice Yorkshire ggins and a few international ones. There were plenty from all over the UK.

leeds_international_gin_festival_leeds_town_hall4There were also masterclasses, where you could find out a bit more from the gin. I actually enjoyed learning about the different fruits and some of the stories behind the gin.
leeds_international_gin_festival_leeds_town_hallIt’s a good atmosphere and I do recommend if you’ve got a big group, even more fun ;)

Not to mention there was also delicious food in the tuck shop and downstairs. The peanut butter jelly cornflake bar was unreal -shout outt to Edward St Bakery.


The gin fest pops up all over the UK – check it out!

Sarah x