LED lights are becoming more and more popular due to their money saving nature and longevity… But where to put ’em? 

Outside Lighting

For any of you with gardens or drives, it’s important that you have a decent outdoor lighting set up. A dark house is a big no no when it comes to home security, you need to at least be able to see! With smart LED lighting you have the control. This means you can turn on driveway lights and all outdoor lights at the click of a button! Well, a tap on your phone screen. 

For those of you with back gardens you could integrate LED lighting around the back of your property.  Use accent lighting to make a feature out of an area of plants, set of furniture or any other area of interest in your garden.


Nobody wants dark stairs. Placing led bulbs at the top and bottom of our stairs is a really good way to light up the hall and stairs when members of the family need to move around in the evening. LED lighting allows you to even have a keypad at the top of the stairs that will allow you to control all the lighting in that area and keeping a hall light on in the evening means easy navigation to most parts of the house without having to fumble around for light switches. Technology these days, I tell ya. 


Integrating a long LED bulb into your kitchen surface to illuminate your cooking and preparation area will perfectly illuminate this space. Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen – you gotta make it work for you.

Sarah x