Your garden is a perfect place to relax, especially over the summer months. If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of green space, you need to take care of it. 

Unfortunately, unwelcome visitors can threaten to destroy your peaceful haven, so you need to be vigilant. 

As you battle for control of your garden, a long-term solution may need to involve hiring a dedicated company such as Youngs Pest Control. If you don’t think you can tackle it, get a pro in. But if you’re ready to pull on your garden gloves, there are a few easy ways to keep your basic pests away.


The tell-tale signs of slugs are their trails, across your plants and vegetables where they have been enjoying a snack, they can even make their way into your home.

Thankfully, they are very slow moving and easy to catch. The classic salt trick  will dry out the slug or, fill a container with beer and leave it where the slugs are most prominent. The smell attracts them so you can easily remove them. 


One of the prettiest creatures to attract into your garden is butterflies. But, as much as we love them their predecessors are a pain. Caterpillars are very hungry, and they will ravage your plants and vegetables. To avoid just killing them, you should keep your garden fertilized, or protect your plants with cardboard.

You could also use a natural remedy such as BTk, or attract birds into your garden with a bird house, and your feathered friends will do the job for you.


You are more prone to wasps if you have fruit trees, or leave sugary food and unopened pop lying around your garden, so don’t tempt them in. The smell of certain plants will deter them, so consider planting spearmint or thyme. If you need to get rid, the swatting with a newspaper method is going to anger them, so spray them with a concoction of soapy water and detergent.

Sarah x