Being healthy is at the top of my priority list. After all, you only get one body, and so you might as well take care of it. Some people never give a second thought to whether they are healthy or not. If you don’t pay close attention to your health, though, it could cause you problems later in life. The sooner you take control and start leading a healthy lifestyle, the better it will be for you. Here are some lifestyle changes that could make all the difference to how you look and feel.


1. Quit taking the bus

Do you take the bus or drive to work? Well, you need to cut it out. Everyone should get around half an hours’ worth of exercise each day. If you don’t get that, it’s time to start walking. The best way to fit the exercise into your day is by walking to work. When you start doing so, you will feel fitter and fitter.

2. Visit the doctor regularly

Visiting the doctor is an important thing for anyone to do. I try to go for a checkup as often as I can. After all, getting that all-important diagnosis could be lifesaving. I understand that some people don’t enjoy going to the doctor’s surgery, but it is necessary. When you visit them, they will check you over and see if everything is okay. If you care about your health, you need to get over your fears and put yourself first.

3. Drink loads of water

None of us drink as much water as we should each day. It is ridiculous to think that many people suffer from dehydration. If you want to start improving your health, this tiny change will make a huge impact. If you want the drink to be super pure, you could even use Aquacert water quality testing kits to check it. That way, you will know that what you drink is 100% excellent for your health. I try to carry a water bottle around with me each day. It helps!

4. De-stress after work

Stress is awful for you. If you are the type of person who lets stress affect them on a daily basis, you need to curb it fast! Stress can lead to many problems, and so it is awful for your health. You should find a way to de-stress. Some people find that it is helpful to colour in as a way of relaxing. In fact, there are loads of adult colouring books you can get now. Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

5. Cut out the caffeine

Do you have a caffeine addiction? If you can’t wake up without your morning coffee, you will have a serious problem in the future. Caffeine has an effect on your body, and so it can be dangerous. Try cutting back on coffee as much as possible. You might find that drinking green tea instead helps.

Sarah x