Are you just itching for a simple DIY project to sink your teeth into? Sometimes I’m not even sure where to start. I just know that I want to get my hands into some sort of project!


Why not try one of those little projects that transform something from ugly to stylish in just a few simple steps. The easiest way is to paint an old bit of furniture. The furniture should be practical and fit into the space you want. If it’s wood, it’s really easy to give it a fresh lick of paint, and add a stylish stencil finish. Best of all, you can add an eclectic mix of furniture pieces to the room but make them fit beautifully together with a single colour.


Something as simple as a knob or knocker can completely transform your cabinet, door, or draw. Architectural ironmongery provides so many different shapes, sizes, style, and applications. Bored with the look of your kitchen? Change the cupboard door handles for something chrome and modern. And if the front of your home could do with a facelift – same goes!


Rooms too dark? Why not create a light wall? You need four brackets to hold your false wall to the real one about an inch away from the surface. Any size you like is OK. Fix LED strip lights around the inside edge of the false wall. Battery ones are OK, but otherwise consider the escape wire to the mains. Now fix the false wall onto the brackets and switch them on for an awesome glowing wall feature. Simple, but amazingly effective!

Finishing touches

I know it’s quick and easy to head to a shop to pick up your cushions. But if you want something that is more you, have a go at making them. You’ll need something like a fire retardant furniture grade cushion filling and the liner to hold it all in. Finally, pick your cushion cover fabric. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still stitch by hand. By creating your soft furnishings yourself, you can choose the colour, shape, size, and style you really want.

For curtains, line them with a pretty fabric that contrasts with the other fabric. Stitch the lining fabric to the curtain and use a double fold around the edges. All of these things can be found at a good haberdashery store, but you might prefer to order it all online. 

Sarah x