Creating and personalizing your own clothes can be so much fun. Not only do you get to express your artistic talent, you also get to own clothes that absolutely nobody else has! What could be better than that? 


Start Off With Small Designs

Instead of starting off by trying to make your own dress right away, which can get pretty complicated pretty quickly, start off with smaller designs. Starting off small will allow you to get used to different bits of equipment and hone your skills better. When you feel more confident, you can begin making more complicated items. Just make sure you take your time and read the instructions through at least twice. Reading through them thoroughly should stop you from making any mistakes early on and having to undo your work. This is one of the most crucial DIY tips!


Invest In Quality Machines And Materials

Investing in quality machines and materials can almost automate your process and make things much easier for you. It isn’t about having the most expensive or high-end equipment, but having something of quality will make your creations turn out far more professionally. Companies like Superior threads are worth a look.

Buy Badges And Pins

Badges and pins are the easiest things to add to your jeans and jackets, and they make anything look awesome. You can buy a bunch of iron on patches, place them where you want them and have a funky pair of new jeans. Pinning badges to your jackets can personalise it and make it look way more unique too.

Change The Length

Changing the length of certain items can be a good idea too. Sick of a pair of jeans? Turn them into shorts. No longer wear an old t-shirt? Cut it to create a crop top, or get rid of the sleeves to make a tank top. Don’t forget, you can also make holes to create a more distressed, grunge feel! There are tutorials all over Youtube, so don’t be afraid to get the scissors out!

Dye Them

Dying your clothes is really easy to do too, as long as you use plenty of dye. You might even need to bleach items beforehand to get the most vibrant color from your dye. You can make lots of different patterns, or just make something up and see how your creation turns out. This is so much fun!

Be Fearless

Although you should be smart, being fearless is a really important part of creating and personalizing your own clothes. You should take your time, watch tutorials and have the right materials before starting. But make sure you aren’t afraid to start! If you don’t do anything, you’ll never learn and you’ll never know how something may have turned out. Just make a decision and do it to start creating new, unique things today!

Do you have tips of your own to share? Leave them below!

Sarah x