Bored of the minimalistic modern look? Give your home a makeover that gives you a little bit of that rustic, country feel.



Many of us love the thought of walking into an old farmhouse and running your hands over the exposed brick walls. They give big rooms an authentic feel, something about brickwork is so simple but charming. Your home may not come with these, but there’s a way to achieve the look regardless. It’s called brick slip cladding and involves attaching brick faces to a wall with brick slip tile adhesive to give an exposed brick effect to any wall. You may need a professional to carry this work out for you, but it’s worth every penny.

Color Palettes

It’s always a good idea to create a sense of continuity throughout your home, and an easy way to do this is by using a subtle, neutral tone on the walls throughout your entire home. The colours you use in your home can make all the difference to the atmosphere within, so you should always draw together colour palettes for every room before heading to the store and buying paint in bulk. Something like a mushroom, a light grey or duck egg blue will be beautiful if you prefer cooler tones. For warmer tones, consider subtle shades of pale pink, vanilla tones, and cream hues. Get sample pots and try them out on the walls, so you can decide which you like best before taking the whole job on. If you tire of neutral tones, you can always use bolder colours for your accessories, such as sofas, scatter cushions and rugs. These can be changed, altered and updated regularly to make sure your home is always fresh and exciting.



To achieve the perfect rural look for your home, everything should be well loved and worn, but maintain its high quality. When it comes to furniture or fittings, try purchasing reclaimed wood goods. Reclaimed woods give an age-old, classic look to your home. Make use of old, antique signs that you might find at thrift stores and car boot sales as wall decorations. You can also repurpose items, such as gingham checked shirts to create seat covers or cushion covers. You could even use an old wooden barrel as a washing basket or a pot or planter for indoor plants.

Sarah x