The weather is really starting to improve now, and I’m looking forward to some fresh air without getting soaked by rain. When you can make those positive changes to your lifestyle, it gives you the drive to make some positive changes to your home style too. After staring at these same walls for too many hours in the winter, I want something new that looks and feels as sunny as the outside. If you’re after a fresh new style for your home this spring, why not try changing one of these?


Old carpets don’t feel good under your feet. They don’t smell good, and they don’t look good. You can freshen them with steam or shampoo, but when the weather is lovely, a wooden floor can’t be beaten. It’s more hygienic, and you can enjoy toasty underfloor heating. Best of all, you can completely change the look of your flooring every season simply by swapping the rug. Choose from Scandinavian rugs, faux fur fluffy rugs, or even elegant Victorian pattern rugs.

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You can change your seating without buying a whole new sofa. Try one or all of these great options. Move the position of the furniture, so you’re facing the window, or swap the sofa for the armchair. The whole room looks completely different, and it can even change the flow of the space. Change the colour of the sofa simply by using a large throw. You can also buy new cushion covers for the padded seats. Mix and match the colours or choose a new colour palette for the room starting right here.

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If you are moving the seating so you can enjoy that garden view more easily, then frame the view with a gorgeous window dressing. Curtains, blinds and voiles are great options here, depending on your taste and budget. Blinds can direct the light vertically or horizontally to create a whole new mood for the room. They’re pretty effective for privacy and avoiding sun glare too. Best of all, they come in a wide range of colours and materials.

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If you have ornaments and trinkets on display, consider presenting them in a different way. Even if you’re hoping to declutter, don’t get rid of everything. Those few personal touches can add so much character and interest to the room. They say a lot about you, too, making them unique. Choose floating shelves so they can become part of your wall art collection. Or maybe you can place them around the fireplace as a focal point in the room?

Just One Wall

Changing just one wall can create a fresh new look for your room. Most people pick the chimney breast for an accent wall, but you can choose the window wall or even the one with the radiator. Change the whole colour, hang a couple of great prints, or simply fill it with family photos. It can inspire a new colour palette for the room, or simply become your new accent wall. What would you most love to change about your living room this spring?