In a few years time, I’ll turn thirty. I don’t know if I have enough time for all this but dreaming big. This is a list of ‘stuff what I should do’ #noregrets #yolo and such. It’d be nice to think I’d get most (or all) of these things done. Some are more realistic than others. So yeah, this is it.

1. Get over my fear of flying tin-cans/planes

Well I’m not being funny but, all this plane drama of late has really put me off flying even more. I’m slightly convinced that if I even go in an airport it won’t end well. (It’s been over 10 years now…)

2. Travel in Japan


After getting over the first one, I want to go and travel in Japan. I didn’t do the gap year thing and feel like I’ve missed out

3. Fly First Class

Another plane-related to-do, but I do fancy jet-setting in style, would be quite nice. Maybe..

4. Go on a Butlins Staycation

I’ve never been to Butlins! I feel as a citizen of the United Kingdom I should take at least one staycation and I’ve heard many tales of Butlins holidays. I’m all for it. Centre Parcs, Potins anything I need to do this.

5. Japanese cooking class with a top chef

I love Japanese food ridiculous amounts. I’d love to learn some tricks from a proper good chef.

6.Visit/live in Canada

I don’t know why Canada appeals to me so much, but I’d quite like to live there, or at least say I have. They have good waffles I hear. And mooses… meece?

7. Go to European music festival


I’ve already been to Groezrock which was a good time but

8. Watch the entire Wire box-set

Just because, I feel like everyone has. Except me.

9. Travel on the Orient Express

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 14.20.32

I’d absolutely love it. It looks amazing.

10. Go zorbing

Because what doesn’t appeal to me about rolling down a hill in a giant ball.

11. Get a pug called Keith

Or a cat called Bruce.

12. Make a perfect soufflé

I’ve never even eaten one. I just want to do it because I hear it’s well ‘ard.

13. Go to Red Bull X-Fighters


Would be a dream come true. If it was somewhere really hot it’s possible I’d pass out from excitement.

14. Get photos published in an exciting magazine

I’d be quite a happy bunny if one of my photographs was used in a magazine like Bizarre.

15. Do my own gel nails without making a hell of a mess


16. Have a beautifully organised stash of make-up

Seriously. It’s completely out of control. I envy beauty bloggers with good storage.

17. See the Northern Lights


This is probably my ideal holiday. Somewhere cold and pretty.

18. Find a stress free way to do/style my hair

Honestly. You don’t understand the pain I go through.

19. Party with Queens

Not the Queen. Adore DeLano I’m looking at you.

20. Go to a WWE main event in America.

I think I’d cry with happiness.

21. Buy a new sewing machine and make something

I’m tall and fed up of long sleeves being 3/4 and trousers looking cropped (I don’t even bother to buy trousers anymore) I need to get my seamstress on.

22. Own at least 5 different Nars products

I love you baby.

23. Go to a “well posh” wine-tasting event

I’m not sure about spitting it out though… what a waste of wine.

24. Own a shop

Of some kind. I just fancy it. Anyone got any award-winning product ideas?

25. Learn to breathe fire

“Some men just want to watch the world burn”

26. Attend aerial and pole classes


It’s just looks like fun. And I’d have crazy upper body strength – because I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

27.  Complete a big DIY project

I’ve been working on the same bookcase for 4 months…

28.  Finish my tattoos

I want to get new ones and touch up the old ones pretty soon. It’d be nice to get tatted by someone I think does “sick tats.”

29. See the bands I’ve always wanted to see

Childhood favourites; Incubus and Rob Zombie are front-runners. Though I would also like to see a Backstreet boys re-union show…

30. Get a custom-made pin-up style dress

It makes me sad that I don’t own one. I’m a big fan of the one above from Vivien of Holloway and this on from on from Wheels and Dollbaby. It would be a bit of a treat!

Sarah x

I will update this as I go. Challenge accepted @sarahxsarahh