Selling up can be a very stressful time. You need to get everything sorted so that you can find a buyer for your home. You need also to look for somewhere to move into once your home is sold. You need to stay organized when selling your home to ensure the whole thing runs smoothly. Before you find an agent, you need to ensure your home is all looking and working well. It will ensure your home is priced at a high value, and will encourage the potential buyers who come round to look up at your home to make an offer. 

Give it a thorough clean

You need to ensure your home is looking great before the estate agent takes pictures of your home. You don’t want the house to look messy as you will not get any viewers to come and look at your home. They need great shots to showcase on their website and in the paper. It will also give any potential buyers a bad impression of the home if they come around to view the property and see it looking messy. Therefore, you need to ensure you give it a thorough clean all over. Make sure you do clean under the beds and behind sofas as they might ask you to move it to see the space. It won’t look good if there is a pile of dust there. It can make rooms look bigger when you clean up and de-clutter. You should get the hoover out and do each room. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you could hire a cleaner to come and give your home a thorough clean. They might find some places to clean that you would have forgotten to do. Also, as it says in this article, remember to cook something before potential buyers come over so that there is a nice smell in the home. If you bake cakes, it will make it smell more homely and could get you a sale quickly. And remember to put the toilet seat down before you have visitors!


Consider packing stuff away

To ensure you sell your home quicker, you need to consider packing stuff away so that potential buyers can see more of your home. If you have your stuff out everywhere, it can be hard for them to see where they would put their stuff in the home. You should pack away belongings that you won’t need in the next couple of months before you move into a brand new home. Get rid of any junk you don’t need to take with you to your new home.  If you would rather not keep boxes in your home, you could arrange a company to store them for you till you need them. It will mean the house will look nicer to potential buyers, and you could end up selling your home quicker.

Check the electrics

You need to ensure that everything is working if you want to sell your home quicker. It can affect the price of the valuation if things aren’t working in your home, and buyers will have to fix it when they move in. Also, it won’t look great if they come over and try and switch a light on and it doesn’t work. Therefore, you need to ensure that the electrics are working correctly so your home quicker. Companies such as smart72 can come out and repair any electrical faults in your home. Check if you can see any outdated or redundant wiring that will need sorting. They can fix outdoor lighting as well, which you need to ensure is working as well. If everything is working correctly, you are bound to get a sale quickly!

Check the boiler

Estate agents will be interested in what heating you have in your home as it will affect the valuation of your home. Gas central heating can add at least £3000 to a home as it’s much cheaper to run than electricity. If a potential buyer thinks the energy is not suitable, and will need to change it, they may offer you less for the property. Therefore, you may consider changing your electric if you have the funds. You need also to check the boiler is working correctly in your home. It’s worth arranging for a check up by a boiler company to make sure it’s safe. Once you have a certificate to prove it’s been checked, it will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Mow the lawn

One of the first things people will notice about your home is your front lawn. If it looks overgrown, it will instantly put people off your home before they have even walked through the front door. Therefore, make sure you give the front lawn a mow before potential visitors arrive. You should also be making sure the back garden is looking great as well. The back garden is one of the top selling points about a home. So if the lawn is overgrown, they won’t want to buy your home. Therefore, give it a good mow, or get a gardener in to help it look fantastic so that you entice buyers to make an offer.

Clean the windows

One of the top things people forget to do is to clean the windows. When potential buyers come over to take a look, they will be looking out the windows to see the views of the area. If the windows are dirty, they won’t be impressed. Therefore, you need to clean the windows so that they can get a great view of the outside of the home. If you can’t clean the windows yourself, you should get a window cleaner to do it. It will make your house look nicer to potential buyers.

Check the kitchen appliances

You also need to check the kitchen appliances are working if you want to sell your home quickly. If you haven’t got an oven that’s working, then you might end up with a lower offer as they will have to pay out for a new one. Make sure you check the sink in the kitchen is also working fine if you want to sell your home quickly. You may want to refurbish the kitchen if everything is looking old. After all, a kitchen is one of the top things buyers will be interested in.

Consider leaving belongings

If you want to sell your home quicker, it’s a good idea to consider leaving some belongings in your home. By telling potential buyers there will be a fridge freezer and a washing machine in the home, it will make it a lot more appealing to them. They won’t have to go and buy a new one. It will make them more interested if you leave good stuff behind.

Check your roof

You should also be checking the roof if you want to sell your home quicker. Make sure no tiles are missing as potential buyers might notice this. Make sure that there is no leaking as well. If any improvements need making, it’s best to do it now so that it’s all looking great. Research local traders who can come and fix it for you. You could also install solar panels on your roof. These are a popular selling point as they can save homeowners hundreds of pounds every year on your energy bill. Therefore, the value of your property will go up, and it will entice potential buyers.

Check plumbing is working

Another thing you should do to sell your home quicker is to check the plumbing is working correctly. Go to the bathroom and flush the toilet to make sure it’s working. After all, potential buyers are likely to go in there and check it’s all working correctly. If the plumbing does need fixing, find a local plumber to sort it to ensure you sell your home quicker.

Check the locks

You need also to ensure that all the locks are working in your home if you want to sell your home quickly. Potential buyers will ask about them and might ask you to show them how the front or back door works. If it’s broken, it can put buyers off as they will have to get it sorted. You could also install extra security systems to encourage potential buyers to buy your home. CCTV will not only help them feel safer in your home but will lower their home insurance when they move in. Therefore, it will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Repaint the home

Another thing you should do in your home is to repaint the walls if they aren’t looking up to scratch. It’s easy to mark the wall when you have moved furniture in the past or knocked it on something. Therefore, you should top up any marks to help the walls look fantastic. It might save them repainting when they move in which is a bonus.

Hopefully, you can get a buyer quickly so you can move into your new home sooner rather than later!