Introducing Alexi Accessories

alexi_banner468x60 I was lucky enough to come across Alexi Accessories. Alexi is a new British jewellery brand and if you’ve read any of my other posts on jewellery and accessories you’ll know how much I love a homegrown brand.

ALEXI is synonymous with a new world of glamour and romance, inspired by the miracles of nature the collections reflect a stunning range of simple delicate designs that will influence the future of feminine fashion.

Alexi Accessories

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Storage woes

I have a lot of stuff. Not things I need, just stuff. Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll catch me on a Channel 4 hoarders documentary, if I’m going to keep all this, stuff, I need storage, and a lot of it.


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Ebay Beauty Haul

I’m poorly. Woe is me! Seen as though I’ve been stuck in bed bored out of my mind, it’s given me a chance to write up this post. I recently went on Ebay and found all sorts of treats.

W7 Prime Magic


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30 Before 30 – Bucket List

In a few years time, I’ll turn thirty. I don’t know if I have enough time for all this but dreaming big. This is a list of ‘stuff what I should do’ #noregrets #yolo and such. It’d be nice to think I’d get most (or all) of these things done. Some are more realistic than others. So yeah, this is it.

1. Get over my fear of flying tin-cans/planes

Well I’m not being funny but, all this plane drama of late has really put me off flying even more. I’m slightly convinced that if I even go in an airport it won’t end well. (It’s been over 10 years now…)

2. Travel in Japan


After getting over the first one, I want to go and travel in Japan. I didn’t do the gap year thing and feel like I’ve missed out

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